Top Web Design Trends of 2019

2019 has seen a number of emergent website design trends. Have a read of the most common trends this year. CP Digital Media strives to continually be at the forefront of web design trends, and we monitor website design trends as they break.

1. Gradients, Bold Typography and Color Blocks

Last year, we saw gradients take the design world by storm. In addition, we also saw the emergence of large swaths of color accompanied by bold typography. Don’t expect this trend to change in 2019. Gradients are here to stay awhile, although they should be used in much more subtle ways than in the previous year.

2. Unique, Broken and Asymmetrical Layouts

Graphic designers typically follow the guidelines of a grid religiously. To the uninitiated in graphic design, a grid is the underlying structure to a design made up of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines. Following the grid generally leads to making sleek, visually appealing layouts. In 2019, web designers are breaking the mold and experimenting with layouts that don’t follow any kind of grid structure. Although tricky, when executed well, these broken and asymmetrical layouts can lead to interesting and unique designs.

3. Outlined Typography

As mentioned above, we saw big, bold headlines take the web by storm in 2018. Although this trend isn’t fading, it is starting to feel a bit stale to marketers. In an effort for brands to stand out in a sea of sameness, we’ve seen the emergence of outlined typography. Taking cues from its predecessor, this typography is shown in bold and in a large font size.

4. CSS Animations

Animations are nothing new to web designers and developers. This year, however, their use is set to explode. As the technology continues to develop, it will keep getting easier to create interesting and complex animations. Expect to see animations used in more places and with greater frequency. Traditionally, animations are rendered as GIFs, but we’re seeing more support for CSS-generated animations across the web.

5. Custom Illustrations & Icons

There’s nothing more boring than a website filled to the brim with stock photography. The same can be said for stock icons and illustrations. That’s why we’ve seen more brands embrace the beauty of custom illustrations and icons. There’s a wide variety of customization within this trend. It can be as small as adding a logo to a generic icon, or as big as commissioning full-scale color illustrations for each section of a site. No matter what length you go to, adding a touch of customization goes a long way in branding your website assets.

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